Thursday, July 17, 2014

Back Online

Hi everybody. I have gotten things straightened out with my internet so I should be back to blogging.
While I have been down, I have been working Breis and Fryer a lot. I just don't have photos and videos to prove it. I have been working with them alone, so we can focus on conditioning and it is tough to take pics and work them at the same time. Not to mention that when I am in the moment I just forget.
We (the boys and me) have been log pulling, sled and heavy tire pulling, and just today I had them pull the forcart with spinner and we put out fertilizer on the pasture.
I am continuing to practice driving from behind but today I walked beside them when we put out the nitrogen.
I have several events coming up that I am excited about. I am about 2 months away from having a ferrior shoe the boys. I still have work to do on the shoeing stock but when the shoeing takes place, I will video the whole thing.
I still hope to be attending a hoof trimming workshop this year, not sure of a date but I have my fingers crossed.
I have a Plow Day scheduled for Oct. 4th. I have some good friends and teamsters that plan to help me with Breis and Fryer do some plowing. That's going to be a big day.
And Kathryn, Ezra and I have a "logging with Oxen" workshop Nov. 6th and 7th this year in New Hampshire. We are about to bust with excitement on that.
So now that I am getting back to talking Oxen, I will do my best to make things more interesting with some pictures and videos. I would love to hear from you. So if you have stories and pictures to share, don't hesitate to communicate.

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