Sunday, July 27, 2014

Here comes another Birthday!

This Tuesday the 29th, Breis and Fryer will be 5 years old. Holy Smokes! It seems not so long ago they were just babies.   

Now they are handsome steers that support me and the farm. They are trained to pull logs, forecarts, stone boats and wagons. I have harrowed with them, spread seed, fertilizers and compost. They haul feed and hay around the farm. 
Breis and Fryer love to be seen in public too, whether its farm tours, field and/or plow days and even Christmas parades. I am so proud of them. I thank my bosses and owners of Chapel Hill Creamery, Portia Mcknight and Flo Hawley, for letting me keep those precious twin babies.
My future training goals are to continue working with Breis and Fryer on driving them from behind. This video will show they are off to a good start. Plowing?, well, that's coming.

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