Thursday, September 26, 2013

Back from Connecticut

I got back around lunch time Sunday and had a great time. Friday evening Daren took me over to were his oxen (Curly and Mo) are kept. He yoked them up and worked them out in the pasture pulling different stuff like stone blocks, tires and a sled with logs. It was a great exercise coarse for the steers to stay in shape and conditioned to participate in pulling contests.

Also on Saturday we went to an ox pulling contest in Orange, Connecticut. The pictures I took turned out nice. Chaninas are the breed of choice in ox pulling there because of their size and power. 
But I saw other breeds as well.

One thing I learned was oxen for pulling competitions and oxen for draft animal power along with oxen that appear in farm tours like Breis and Fryer are very different. You have to be more disciplined in handling the steers that compete because they are on a much more professional level then steers for farming or entertainment. Also the attention needed for competing oxen is more intense. Meaning handling these steers on a daily bases is important to maintain their physical and mental sharpness to stay competitive.
Outside all of the oxen fun, we had great food and worked the farmer's market and a New England clam bake that was out of this world. Thanks to Daren Hall and the Hall family including their farm employees for a super experience. I look forward to visiting again.

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