Friday, December 4, 2015

My trip to Sanborn Mills farm

I wanted to go back to my trip to New Hampshire at the Sanborn Mills Farm. That was the week that Breis passed (11-6-15) so it was difficult to talk about my trip at that point. But I feel it is important to discuss the workshop and talk about what it was like to work with Tim Huppe and his staff.
(left to right) Tim, Greg, Alana, me, Tyler, and John

I had a great time logging with this team of professionals. Here at Sanborn Mills we used two teams of Milking Short Horns. Our first workout was to gather fire wood that had already been cut and split. We hauled the wood using Mike and Jake, the older more experienced Oxen.

Then we went in the woods to haul logs using Mike and Jake and I had the pleasure in working Duke, a single ox from the younger pair of short horns.

I learned a lot from Tim and his crew. These people do this every day and they are great at it.There landing sites are clean and organized so it made the logging easier to load logs onto the skids to take to the sawmill. The Percherons they have there at the farm are used to pull the loads of logs to the mill.  

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