Sunday, November 8, 2015

The sudden death of Breis

The pain is so excruciating to have to announce to my friends and followers of Breis and Fryer's Blog that Breis has suddenly passed away. The death occurred during the night and was discovered at 5:00 am Friday morning November 6th 2015.
I was in New Hampshire at a Ox Workshop and I didn't arrive home until Saturday the 7th around 1:00.Portia had to tell me the horrible news.
Portia had Breis's body taken to NCSU for an Necropsy to determine the cause of the sudden death. This information is still pending.
The memory of my "off" Steer, Breis will last my lifetime. His twin brother, Fryer and I will honor his name by continuing to bring draft animal power to the beautiful farm of Chapel Hill Creamery. I will train Fryer as a single ox and will continue to blog his progress. Fryer is grieving right now but he is strong. I know he will be successful.
I love you, Breis. I miss you so much.

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