Friday, November 20, 2015

New Harness

Fryer and I are trying to adjust to working without Breis. It has been a challenge because it takes different equipment to work one Ox. Here I have Fryer in a Britchen which is a harness for Oxen.
It helps the Ox use it's body to be able to pull heavier loads, especially down hill. The strap around the rump will keep the load from putting so much weight on the yoke and horns and distributes the weight evenly.
I put the harness on him for the first time today. He wasn't too sure about these straps but he'll get more comfortable the more he wears it. We will be logging tomorrow and Sunday so I hope he fines it to help him more then scare him.
I will be blogging about my trip to Sanborn Mills Farm in a few days. I am trying to get some videos placed on my computer so I can share them with you.
Fryer seems to be a bit different since Breis passed. He is much more quieter and less aggressive. I wish I knew what he is thinking.

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