Thursday, September 24, 2015

What's coming up! Oxtoberfest 2015!

October the 2nd and 3rd, Fi and Asha, Breis and Fryer will be heading to Galax, Va. again for the Oxtoberfest 2015. This is the 2nd year the oxen have gone to this fun event. You can look back at the blog of 10/26/14 for our first experience.
Kathryn and Ezra will haul Fi and Asha and I will haul Breis and Fryer on Friday afternoon and spend the night for the one day activities on Saturday. Our ox teams preform very well and give new teamsters a fun opportunity to learn to drive and work the oxen. I am very excited about this year because Kendy, the director of the Oxtoberfest, has a gentleman coming to speak on shoeing oxen which all of my blog viewers know I am very interested in.
Kathryn and I have been working our oxen to prepare them for the trip.

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