Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Improving my 9" yoke

In some of my past blogs, I talked about a 9" yoke I made out of white oak. But the fit for Breis and Fryer was a bit too loose so I made an 8.5" and at the time it fit perfectly.
I yoked the boys up Sunday and noticed Fryer was showing signs of discomfort in the 8.5 so I thought it was time to put the 9" back on.
During the past year, I have learned that the yokes I have been making haven't had the proper round in the seats of the yoke. The seat is the part of the yoke that is on Breis and Fryers neck. So I wanted to take time out to improve the comfort of this area.

I will be finishing the grinding work today and will take finished photos so you can see how I plan to round off the yoke seat. The next step is the most important one and that is if Bre and Fry will like it. I sure hope so being these yokes take a lot of hard work and precious time.

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