Sunday, December 21, 2014

Merry Christmas to all

Thank you to all my blog viewers for supporting me and Breis and Fryer. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year.
I look forward to the coming year in having the oxen support the farm by doing more pasture work and log clean up. I feel I need to make a new yoke because I think if I give them more space between the bows they can have more room to work without bumping into each other. I notice they will haul out, trying to pull away from each other. I think they are trying to tell me they need their space.
I will continue to train by driving from behind. I am looking to improve the halter/rein quality. If anyone has some ideas I would love to here about them.
Also I will continue to improve my shoeing stock. I have the trimming of the front feet working good but I still have the back feet to figure out. I was using a pulley system to trap the hind leg but it didn't work. It was too dangerous for the steers and the trimmer. Sorry, it has taken me years to be satisfied with a way to trim and shoe Breis and Fryer. The Shoeing has totally been a dud.
I am looking forward to several Ox events. I will be heading back to Galax, Va. and attend another workshop that I am thrilled about and can't hardly wait. I will also be heading to see and work will the awesome Tim Huppe in Hew Hampshire. I will tell you all about those events when they come and pass.
My boss is trying to set me up at a cow trimming workshop too. Not so sure about those details yet.
But to say the lease, a very busy 2015. God willing.
Be safe and let's communicate more. And to my international bloggers, thank you for your interest in my Boys. Anytime email

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