Thursday, September 25, 2014

Happy Birthday Fi and Asha!

It was a great day to give the little boys a Birthday Celebration. This time last year, Fi and Asha were born September 25th 2013. They are not twins like Breis and Fryer but their mothers are sisters and gave birth just hours apart from each other.
Kathryn and Ezra brought Fi and Asha to the farm today to hang out with the big boys, Breis and Fryer.

I had the pleasure to walk them around the farm and spend some quality time with them yoked up. They have learned so much from their Teamsters, Kathryn and her son, Ezra.
Besides, I sure did enjoy handling a team that I could see over their heads ;-)

When we were done, Breis and Fryer enjoyed running with Fi and Asha in their paddock

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