Thursday, May 22, 2014

Workin' hard on the Farm

Hello Everybody. I have a lot to talk about since the farm tour.
I have been using Breis and Fryer to seed our summer annual of crabgrass. They have been pulling a forecart with a spinner hooked to the back of it.
The most exciting part about this, they are learning to be driven from behind. This is something I have wanted to do with them for a while and they are taking to it just fine. I had a gentleman show me how to train them to do this a couple of years ago and it has paid off.

Also I have built a new yoke that I feel will fit Breis and Fryer more comfortably. I am waiting for my new bows to come in from New England Ox Supply and I will post the yoke on the blog in the Yoke Yard page when I get them in.

Also, this morning I will be attending a Hoof Trimming School. This class will help me to learn how to trim the dairy cows hooves but also to work on Breis and Fryer. Hopefully this is a step closer to being able to understand the boys feet so we can have them shod. I feel if I can have metal shoes put on the boys, the wagon rides on the gravel roads won't be an issue.

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