Tuesday, April 29, 2014

2014 Farm Tour

The Carolina Farm Stewardship Assoc. sponsored 2014 Farm Tour has come and gone. Wow. What a weekend. #1 the weekend was beautiful. We couldn't have asked for better weather. Lots of people came out and enjoyed the farm. We had the milk cows out grazing and the parlor open for viewing and plenty of cheese tasting.
Breis and Fryer gave small wagon rides which turned out to be kinda rough for them, mainly due to the gravel roads. Fryer stepped on a sharp rock that caused some bruising and wasn't too happy to continue, but he hung in there and he got through it. I feel I will need to do something different for them next year. I know a man that is interested in shoeing them. I think I will give him a call.

Leonard took Jim and Jake with their wagon and was a big hit with hauling our visitors down to the farm. We also had a tractor with a trailer giving rides as well.
Everybody loved Kathryn and Ezra's little steers. The boys pulled a little hay wagon that was soooo precious.
I will be gathering pictures to put on the blog and I would love for anyone to send a picture of the farm tour to add. My breisfryer@gmail is having some problems so it would be best to send the pics to alliesturgill@gmail.com
Thank you to everybody that helped with the tour. Portia and Flo were so pleased with how comfortable the farm tour went. We did have on Saturday, the cows got out of the pasture and was running around. Portia and I along with some volunteers got the cows in quickly . Then a black snake tried to kill one of our chickens but thanks to Ann Marie and Lee, they saved the chicken's life. That is about as wild as it got over the weekend. So everybody had a great time.
Please participate in the picture gathering because I know you all have some good ones.

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