Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Mock Parade

Yesterday Breis and Fryer preformed in a small mock parade and did a great job. I started out very nervous about how the boys would do out on the roads but again they always prove they can handle the task. Lester and his horses, Misty and Dream are in front and Leonard with Jim and Jake are behind the boys.

I was hoping we could have done more starting and stopping during this parade, but there was more traffic then I expected. The cars would casually go around us enjoying the view. We had one family in a car stop to take pictures. 

I want to thank all who made this happen. It gave Portia (my boss) and I a lot of confidence to trust the boys in the actually Christmas Parade coming Dec. 14th. 


  1. I just found your blog. I was at the Creamery helping Leonard the year you were just starting those boys, maybe three years ago? I watched from a distance with gratitude. And i just read their whole story with more gratitude and joy. Thank you for this history. I'd love to meet them. They are SO beautiful! I am a friend of Kat Williams.

    1. Thank you Cecelia. Anytime you want to visit Breis and Fryer I am sure Katherine can make those arrangements for you or you can call the creamery and ask for me.
      I can tell you we are trying to setup a plow day sometime after the Christmas Parade over at Lester's. I will find out the details and you can come and watch them work and spend some time with them. They are very sweet and gentle.

  2. Hi, I was sad to miss the parade Saturday. My reach exceeds my grasp in life. So happy for you though.