Sunday, December 1, 2013

Mock Parade

Tuesday Dec. the 3rd. I plan to have a mock parade at Chapel Hill Creamery to get Breis and Fryer ready for the real Parade Dec. 14th. 
The mock parade will consist of a car in front, Lester with his horses pulling their wagon, the boys pulling theirs, and Leonard with Jim and Jake pulling their covered wagon, then a car behind them. We plan to start around 2:00pm. We will parade down to the church and up to Jo Mac Rd. and down Jo Mac to turn around and come back to the farm. 
We are looking for Breis and Fryer fans to come and participate to ride in the wagons and walk along as a parade crowd. 
We hope to have a CD playing loud Parade Sounds to see how the boys will respond.  It might be crazy. So don't miss the action happening Dec  3rd. Come out and cheer on our wonderful Draft Animals. 

Breis and Fryer's Teamster,

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