Tuesday, October 22, 2013

plow day a success

We had a great time this past weekend. The plot out in the pasture was successfully plowed by Leonard's horses on Saturday. I worked with Breis and Fryer on plowing but they still gave me a hard time. Tylor worked with them later in the day and he got them to pull the plow through the plot that the horses did but the boys had nothing to do with pulling the plow through the sod. So I used Lester's harrow and had the boys go over the plowing. They did a good job with that.
I have a few pics but I forgot to take video and close up shots because I get so rapped up with working them that I forget. Sorry about that.

But I am so excited to introduce a new pair of babies that could potentially become a future ox team. This is Fi and Asha. These boys were born 9/25/13 here on the farm. Kathryn and Ezra want to work and train these boys. How precious is this pic. These guys are in Breis and Fryer's very first yoke. You can see this yoke up close on the Yoke Yard page.

Also, Tylor and I will be working on the shoeing stock. I took some pictures of Breis and Fryer in the stock and I compared today's pictures to last years and I couldn't believe how big the boys had gotten. check out the picture from Dec. 3rd 2012.

Dec. 3 2012

Today 2013

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