Friday, July 19, 2013

Wow. Feels like it's been forever since I blogged about Breis and Fryer. But I finally can say Breis has healed up from his hoof problem. I can't get over how long hoof troubles take to heal. You have to have a lot of patience with oxen when it comes to their feet.
My Veterinarian will be working with me next week on applying a product to their claws that will help build the hoof wall so when they walk on hard services it will not create problems such as what Breis went through. ( I hope)
I will be video taping the application of this product to share with you. Also taking some pictures. Both Breis and Fryer will have to be put up on the hoof trimming table to be able to apply the product. I don't know all about this product yet until I meet with the Vet. But I can tell you it is an epoxy you apply with a caulking gun to create a bead around the hoof wall to build the wall up so their soles are protected from rocks and other debris. The reason we are trying this first is because I am having trouble finding someone that can put metal ox shoes on the boys. There are many ferriors for horses but the ones I have spoke to have never put shoes on an ox. Besides if the epoxy works then it will be much cheaper for me.    
So I will post this exciting event after it happens. Kathryn, I'll call you to see if you can bring your video camera, if you are interested in taping it for me.

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