Monday, April 22, 2013

Hey everybody. My apologies for not blogging here lately. I have been spending all of my time taking care of milk cows, preparing pastures for the milk cows to graze and cleaning up the farm for the farm tour that is happening this weekend. Also I have been working Breis and Fryer every day so I have the confidence to have them give hay rides for the children. They have been so awesome. We are going to have the best farm tour ever. The main purpose to working them everyday is so they will be conditioned to give rides for the 4 hours the tour will be open, both Sat and Sun. I hope the weather will be good. I have seen possible rain on Sunday. I hope it will rain during the night so the tour will continue.
The other reasons I am excited for the tour is my good friends that have draft horses will be pulling wagons for rides coming from the entrance of the farm down to the creamery. In the past years we have used tractors to haul the public down to the farm. This year we have enough horses and wagons the tractors will not be needed. The farm will be much quieter and the sounds of the horses will create a beautiful weekend on the farm. I hope you all can come and experience farming when the spring time brings out the best in cows, pasture and cheese.

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