Monday, April 29, 2013

Farm Tour 2013

What a weekend. I have to say, I was a bit nervous on Saturday. With Breis and Fryer working so closely with the public, I wanted them to do so well. They were outstanding. Not once did they spook or act out, they were patient and did what was asked of them. The kids plus their parents enjoyed their rides around the pasture. Oxen are rare around these parts so people were surprised to see trained cattle at work.
The Sunday rain kept the crowd a bit smaller but I believe Breis and Fryer enjoyed the day better due to  the cooler temps and moisture. As a lot of farmers said, we sure did need the rain.
Chapel Hill Creamery always prepares for a great tour. We look forward to showing our customers how we take care of our cattle from the calf care to milking milk cows and providing tasty and healthy cheese. To see pictures from the rest of the farm, visit and from there you can visit our facebook page. It has all of the other fun activities and foods we enjoyed all weekend.
My friend Kathryn working Breis and Fryer

Tylor, an experienced teamster, 
 taking our Boss, Kelly Harding, around the pasture with his daughter, MeRay, and Ezra.

Breis taking a snooze until the next ride

Kathryn's son, Ezra, keeping the boys standing while we all ate our lunch.

Fryer curious of the crowd.

Kelly Harding and kids.

Portia and Flo taking a ride at the end of Saturday.

The Boys warming up.

Our farm dog, Jamie, taking a ride with Tylor.

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