Saturday, September 29, 2012

Last weekend, some friends and I spend Saturday working Breis and Fryer and Leonard's horses, Jim and Jack, out in our pastures cleaning up some logs and cleaning up shady areas were the milk cows go to rest. Then that evening we set up a camping area and had an excellent dinner over the fire. It rained a bit during the night but out tents and Leonard's covered wagon kept us dry.
Fryer is still having trouble with his hooves but as long as he works on pasture he is comfortable. When I try to put him on the road, he doesn't want to cooperate. I think it will just have to take a while for his hooves to harden up.
My plan is to try boots on his front hooves and keep him high and dry. Right now as I look out on this rainy day, both boys are soaking wet. Not Good. :-(

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