Sunday, March 4, 2012

Breis in the nigh position

I have been working the boys in the yoke with Breis in the nigh position. He is doing ok. He's still not sure of his role but the more I work them the better he is getting. Fryer is starting to calm down and except his position as the off steer. I still need a lot of patience on my part because I am so use to just taking them out and getting stuff done and now I have to take a few steps back. I know we'll get there. I want to start pulling their sled w/ Breis beside me. I hope we will be doing this practice this week. Sorry I haven't taken time out for pics. The weather has been a bit messy so maybe this week we'll have some pretty days and get some good shots of Breis and Fryer in there new positions. Thanks for being patient with me. I want the blog to be an interesting and fun read. If anyone wants to see something I haven't done yet, let me know and maybe I can post something different.

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