Sunday, February 26, 2012

Wanted to take a minute to talk about my thoughts on Breis and Fryer. I want to make a big change with the boys. I am thinking about changing their positions in the yoke. Right now, Fryer is the nigh steer and Breis is the off steer. Fryer has become much more dominant in his position. He has started pulling on Breis a bit too much when they are in their yoke and is starting to lead in front of me, so I have been reading information on this behavior and one of the ways to fix this possible problem is to switch them. I have done this once and it appears it will work with lots of practice and patients on my part and Fryer's part as well. I am so proud of Breis because he has shown me he is willing to take on the challenge even though Fryer can intimidate Breis strongly. I will be working with them today and will be talking about their progress on the blog to keep you informed on how they are doing.  If anyone has any thoughts on the change I am making please fell free to comment or e-mail me at

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