Thursday, June 9, 2011

Moving our irrigation hoses and sprinkler

Today approached 100 degrees. wow! It was hot. The Boys and I had one hot chore and that was to move the irrigation hoses and sprinkler off the pasture before the milk cows could start grazing. You can bet we started early. Like 7:30 in the morning early. I have published these photos to show you how we did it, but also to introduce the nose baskets I made. 
Now, I want to mention these are my prototypes. I wanted to see if the baskets were going to work first before I put money into them. So I know they are a bit cheesy. Until I did something to keep Breis and Fryer from eating everything, they would be hard to work. They just couldn't concentrate. But today they excepted the baskets and did a great job.

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