Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dry, Hot Conditions

It's 6:35 Sunday morning and another hot and dry day is in store for us here on the farm. I look out the window of my home and see Breis and Fryer sleeping around their round ring of orchard grass hay. The summer pastures are not doing so well due to the lack of rain. Even though Breis and Fryer have been working hard on moving the irrigation sprinkler around, it's not like the real thing(rain).
Today I am going to yoke them up this morning and do some conditioning. For my next post I hope to have a video to share with you. I have an opportunity to have video taken and  put together a small take of Breis and Fryer in action.
The boys will be turning two years old on July 29th. I am amazed how the time has flown with them but at the same time, I look forward to when Breis and Fryer are around 4 and are true mature Oxen.

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