The Yoke Yard

This small yoke is Breis and Fryers' first yoke. It is a 4" bow size and the boys were 2 1/2 months old when they started wearing it. The yoke is made out of cedar by a good friend, Jay Fisher. The bows are hickory. As you can tell, not much work was put into this yoke because it was just to train Breis and Fryer to stay together and learn to walk together. When they were comfortable walking in this yoke, I started having them pull a 1" PVC pipe. It scared them at first but before you knew it, it just became part of the yoke.

The 2nd yoke came when Breis and Fryer was about 4 to 6 months. I am not sure the exact month, it seems so long ago. I do remember though, the boys first year they grew out of their yokes every time I blinked. This was a 5" yoke and I would have them pull a tire, and continued to work with commands. The bows I purchased from New England Ox Supply.

We, (meaning) Breis and Fryer and me started to get serious in this 3rd yoke. I think they were about 7 or 8 months now. The yoke was a size 7" and they were pulling small carts and sleds. I would take them to the woods and we would harvest small logs.
The fourth yoke, the one they are in now, but is starting to get a bit tight, is the yoke they have done the most work. From hauling feed and hay to pulling irrigation hoses in the pasture, the boys are learning what their responsibilities are here on the farm. I can't wait until we are tilling and seeding pastures.

Stay tuned for yoke # 5. Hope to have it complete by first of the year.

A new yoke needs to be added. I purchased a single yoke from New England Ox Supply so I could work the boys individually. It is a bit big on Breis but fits Fryer perfectly.

I will be video taping the steps to making my 9" yoke for Breis and Fryer. Starting with "Drilling holes for a New Yoke".  Take a look.

Coming up......