Thursday, January 7, 2016

Fryer in Forcart

Hello Everybody! Happy New Year!
I hope everyone is ready to start something new this year. I have a new toy for Fryer and myself. I think?
This is a forcart that I bought at the Troutman aution sale in NC.

I have spent quite a bit of time welding extensions to make the shafts longer and bending the shafts to work under Fryer's yoke. Other then that I have done some spray painting and sprucing up.
I have only walked him in it two times. He is very nervous and it is going to take many more times before I will be comfortable letting him walk without a halter.
I hope that if this forcart works for Fryer, I plan to hook attachments to the forcart to make his pulling a lot more comfortable.
The Britchen has been a saver. I can not believe I have worked this long without one. Even a team of oxen should be wearing britchens if you have heavy loads going down hills. I can see a huge difference in Fryer with the security of the strap around his rump. 
If anyone sees any issues with my setup, please let me know. The only piece that is missing from this picture is the hold back straps that connect to the shafts from Fryer's britchen. I have them in place now.
I will be taking videos for all to see when he becomes use to it. Right now both Fryer and myself need to focus on training. I will keep you updated.

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