Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Spring time?

Well, we have sprung forward and in the past few days I have certainly had spring fever. The past month and a half the weather has truly been something to reckoned with. I think we are finally pasted it. Breis and Fryer have sat ideal during all of the cold and wet days. Now that we are warming up, getting them back in shape for work and up coming events is now on the agenda. I see rain in the forecast but the temps look great.
  Breis and Fryer have been exercising by pulling their wagon.  I plan to practice this morning driving them from behind.
It's tough to take pictures or videos when I am by myself to share on the blog but today I will try to get someone to do it so you can see the oxen at work.

I am hoping to get Breis and Fryer pulling logs here on the farm for a possible upcoming job that they could be doing in the next few months. You know they are true Oxen when they get a real paying job.
I hope they perform well because they need to start making money with all that feed they have eaten in the past 5 years ;-)

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