Sunday, December 7, 2014

Getting in shape for the Parade

This week I will be working with Breis and Fryer to get them in shape to pull their ox cart with 5 people during the Christmas Parade. Portia and Flo will be riding this year with 3 of our favorite elves, Bryn, Ann Marie, and Beata.

Kathryn and her husband, Christopher, with Ezra came today to practice with Fi and Asha. They are going to be so cute in the parade. The steers that is :-)

We all took our teams to the paved road at the entrance of the farm and practiced our parade walk. The steers did great and we made a lot of noise to see if they would spook but they didn't.

Lester will be in the Parade and he is deciding if he will bring 2 or 3 of his horses. I am hoping he walks 3 a breast. That is a beautiful sight of Percherons.

Come see your favorite steers say hello and wish you a Happy Holiday!
Dec. 13th 2014
10 to 12 noon

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