Monday, December 16, 2013

The Christmas Parade in Chapel Hill

The Parade was a big hit with Breis and Fryer. I am looking forward to posting pictures but I am having trouble rounding some up. As soon as I get them I will post 'em.

I found it interesting how the boys changed as they went through the entire parade. At first, they were pretty anxious. I think the reason for that is I was very nervous, so I knew they felt that from me. Also we had to wait a while before getting started, and Breis and Fryer kept wanting to move. As we were waiting to line up I had a bunch of children run up to me and starting asking questions about 'what in the world are those'? I told them the boys are Jersey Oxen. Again I was asked 'what in the world are Jersey Oxen'. So I explained further. I wasn't going to even attempt to explain the difference between Bulls and Steers so I just left it with Cows trained to work. Then they understood.

As Lester, with his horses, Misty and Dream, pulled out onto the road, they were pulling a beautiful vintage wagon. Breis and Fryer followed with their wagon carrying our 4 brave kids, Ezra, Meray, Bryn and Beatta. I was so proud of them. They would wave to the crowd with big Christmas smiles.

When the Parade started to move, Breis and Fryer got right in behind Lester's wagon and we started down the road. I thought to myself, the boys were doing so well because of our practice parade two weeks ago. I have found that when I show the boys a certain path, they remember and understand what is asked of them. So they knew to walk behind Lester.
During the Parade though, Cindy, the lady helping run the parade, came up and told me not to let the boys follow so closely. So I started getting them to back off. It was then that Breis and Fryer started to see all the people. They changed and began looking around with curiosity. It was like they figured out, oh these people are clapping at us. So the boys felt comfortable to walk on their own. When I asked them to stop and stand, I could see, they would stand with their heads high as if they were proud to be in the 2013 Chapel Hill/Carrboro Christmas parade. Now if I can just get them to Plow ; - )

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