Sunday, November 18, 2012

Spreading compost today

Today Breis and Fryer will be heading to Lester's farm to spread compost. Here I will be able to really see how their new yoke fits and if it is comfortable for them when pulling heavy loads.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon working them out in the field pulling a sled to gather rocks and brush from the pasture. Here lately I have been getting in the sled and asking the boys to give me a ride. They are starting to understand what I am asking of them but we still have some work to do. They will 'get-up', haw, and gee but stopping is a challenge. They are so used to me standing to the left of them, placing my goad stick in front and saying 'whoa' that having me behind them and saying 'whoa' doesn't work. If anyone has a thought or suggestion on this I would love to hear it. I have been using lunge lines to guide the boys but the lines want to hang to close to their hocks and not up around their hips. 

I will take some pics today when we are spreading compost and try to get another post out tonight.

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