Monday, October 22, 2012

Computer problems

Hey everybody. Sorry I haven't posted anything lately. My computer has been down for almost two weeks. But I do have lots to tell you about.
I think the last bit of issues I spoke about was Fryer having trouble with his feet. When I would yoke up the boys and take them out on the gravel road, Fryer's soles were so tender he couldn't walk well, but if he was on the grass he had no issues. So I have done several things for him.  I housed the boys in the barn to keep them dry. We have had some good amounts of rain so the boys hooves where staying wet all the time. I also started them on Biotin Plus, a supplement to help strengthen their hooves.
I purchased two boots for Fryer's front hooves so that when he is pulling things he will have support under his hooves that are taking the most stress. All of these things seem to be working. Now it's working with Fryer so he can gain trust with me and have confidence in his job as a powerful Ox.

Some of the work the boys and I have been doing and will be doing this fall is continuing to pull logs for our wood stove at the creamery, spreading compost, and the most exciting job we haven't done yet is give wagon rides. I can't wait until I can post a picture of the boys hauling a few kids around.  Maybe by the next farm tour, Breis and Fryer can perform hay rides. Wow I would love to see that.

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