Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lester's Plow Day

 The Plow Day turned out to be Great. The weather was so nice and Breis and Fryer did an awesome job.
When I got there, around 8:30 in the morning, I got the boys yoked up and I took them to the field where Leonard had obstacle courses setup and Lester had the field ready for plowing.   
The first thing I wanted to do with Breis and Fryer was warm them up, so we took a few rounds around the field. They had so much energy I thought they were going to run around the field but after a few laps they finally calmed down.
A man, named Lynnwood, came up to me and said I needed to learn to drive them. He thought the boys did such a good job with listening to my commands that it would be fairly easy to use lead lines and walk from behind. As these pics show, they took right to it. 
 Leonard and his horses, Jim and Jake, wowed us all with their skills during the obstacle.
They also plowed, cultivated, and pulled a log thru the course. Jim and Jake were also responsible for returning all the implements to Lester's farm when it was all over. Those Horses are some serious work horses. 
Lester took charge of the plowing. Breis and Fryer didn't plow but when Lester got a few rows into the field, the boys harrowed for a little bit to practice their straight lines.

The event was a great experience for all of us. Knowing that animal power is still worth the hard work and dedication thrills us all. The relationship you can have with your team can be so rewarding. A nice feeling of true trust and respect for Team and Teamster.

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