Saturday, May 26, 2012

I want to tell you all about an upcoming event. Saturday, June 9th my good friend Lester will be having his annual plow day.  There will be work horses and mules plowing, having competitions in single and double team log skidding, sledding and cart obstacle. Also mowing, cultivating, and giving wagon rides. Breis and Fryer have been invited and I am looking forward to seeing how they will do around all the other teams.
I posted yesterday that I will be making a 9" yoke but I have an opportunity to use a used 9" that was purchased from New England Ox Supply. Thank goodness because I know I wouldn't be able to make a yoke that fast.
So come out if you can. The plow day is open to the public and will have food and lots of fun.
 The event will be held at:
Twin Branch Farm
4006 Hwy 54 west
Chapel Hill, NC 27516
Starting at 10:00 am til done.

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