Sunday, April 22, 2012

Working hard for farm tour

Breis and Fryer spread compost for the first time this past Friday. I have been working with them only for a couple of times last week because we have been so busy with the dairy and getting ready for the farm tour. I am sorry I don't have any pictures to show you but I hope to have plenty after the tour April 28th and 29th. And I wanted to ask if any of you coming to the farm during the tour, and you have some great pictures could you email me one or two so I can share with everybody on the blog.
My good friend, Leonard, has helped me so much with Breis and Fryer's performance. He showed me some tips on slowing Fryer down a bit. I have explained before that Fryer is very dominate so he wants to pull Breis and me around the pasture and not listen to my commands. With Leonard's help, Fryer has gotten much better. I look forward to sharing the boys with our Farm Tour guests. Leonard will also have his draft horses (Jim and Jake) giving wagon rides.

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