Sunday, December 4, 2011

The weather was perfect

The boys got to take a short ride yesterday to a farmer friend of mine to learn some field work. Lester Ray of Twin Branch Farm has 5 beautiful Percheron draft horses and has nice implements for Breis and Fryer to work with in the field. When we got there, Breis and Fryer were a bit  nervous. But when I yoked them up they settled down and went to work.
After I warmed them up we started with a riding disk plow,( I think that is what you call it)  and made a few passes. We went to a spring tooth harrow that was very heavy. The Boys had a very hard time pulling this harrow on the soil, so we moved them out onto the sod and they were able to drag it without so much resistance. It was a workout which they strongly needed.
 Here is a great shot of Lester's team showing us how it is done.
My good friend Leonard helped me with the boys as we made our third attempt with plowing(sorry I don't have a pic on this one) but Breis and Fryer are getting better with every try. This time they pulled the plow and went a lot straighter then they have in the past.
 One of the new directions I am taking with the Boys are working with them individually. Also I am wanting to eventually drive from behind. Leonard is showing me the first steps to this process. 

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