Monday, August 22, 2011

Spreading compost on the pastures

Yesterday was a great day for cleaning up compost piles. We had two teams of draft horses and one manure spreader so we worked one team and then switched to the other until the job was done. I took Breis and Fryer and had them pull a wagon and a sled for a bit of exercise and towards the end of the afternoon together we all put the boys on the manure spreader for a turn.

Breis and Fryer did well for their first time ever pulling a spreader. We, half way thru the pull, turned the beaters on and the ground drivin' track for the noise to see how they would do. It made them a bit nervous but they settled right down and pulled it nicely. When we were coming back to the compost pile, we had to go though a gate and because I ask the boys to turn too soon I about took out a fence post. We had to unhook the boys before I had to do unnecessary work.

For a pair of 2 year old Jerseys, I sure am proud.

Thank you to all my friends for making this possible. It was hard work but so gratifying with our animal/human relationship.

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